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What a ride!

It's been an amazing two decades and change working (sometimes exclusively and other times alongside other jobs) in just about every aspect of the writing and publishing industries including: editing, layout, publishing, co-authoring, teaching, marketing and publicity, sales, merchandising, and author coaching and consulting. After twenty-two years, I've retired from this incredible field to rediscover a time when my art was done for the sake of the art, rather than as a business. (But, I'm leaving YOU the tools to continue in YOUR businesses!)

While the power of words continues to be a personal passion, this Christian, wife, mother, pet-lover, and veteran Air Force linguist is looking forward to enjoying her Wisconsin life through service, travel, music, languages, and time spent taking in sports, nature, arts, church, and home life with family, friends, and loved ones. Though I intend to return to my roots in playwriting, children’s books, and fantasy fiction (as a hobby!), plus whatever other writing draws my imagination, I also want to continue helping people find fulfillment and relatability through story . . . the ultimate human connection. After all, my final business values (relationship, engagement, voice, and captivation) are also my personal values.


It is my desire that my lessons, processes, and unique creative methods will remain available to prospective authors, writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs. Also for those things that require a guide, I hope I can still lead you to the right partner(s). If you've worked with me before, you know that writing, for me, has never been about the money or spotlight, but about getting great messages and stories into the world for good purposes. I am so excited about the prospect of that going on past my retirement!


To preserve my approaches, the same tools that earned me 12 personal #1 Bestsellers (so far) out of 60 publications, led another 80+ authors to their #1 Bestsellers, managed more than 85 projects with independent and traditional authors and publishers, and coached thousands of writers over the years, continue to be available for free through the blog on this site, on my various social media channels, as well as in bargain-priced book resources. Those resources can typically be picked up on Amazon and other online retailers. While doing so, check out the many titles from my extensive backlist of books across a wide variety of genres and keep up on my newest work, too. You'll get to follow along as I continue in my art by developing fiction, children's books, plays, writers' resources, faith books, and more. 

THANK YOU for tale traveling with me!

THANK YOU for helping me to make positive impacts!

THANK YOU for helping me create better words to make a better world.


And THANK YOU . . . for making the dream of a writing career come true in bigger ways than I ever could have imagined. It's been my honor to be your writing partner and a JOY to share in your creative journeys. It is my hope that you'll continue in your own art of words through the tools I can still provide. 

~Yours most sincerely and enduringly in writing,


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