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Can One Book Make A Difference?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

As an avid reader and writer, I’m sure there are books that have had an impact on your life. There’s nothing like it!

After a couple of decades in the writing industry, it’s hard to find books that really move me in new ways . . . not that the old ways are bad, but I love being unexpectedly captured in a manner I didn’t see coming.

That’s what happened for me last fall.

I had the opportunity to be part of the editing team (with Howard Schlossberg) for Hall-of-Fame #ChicagoCubs Pitching Legend, Fergie Jenkins book, The 1969 Cubs (available on Amazon this Saturday, January 19th from Signature Strength Publishing).

Appreciating a New World

I have been a fan of the game of football since I was a toddler. I love everything about football. I enjoy a great hockey game. My track-running son made Olympics watching a family activity. One of my daughters was a basketball player right around the time this former three-peat Bulls fan was working with Dick Vitale, so basketball became something I could appreciate.

But baseball? I lost track of how many times I told people about the bore that was baseball. I wondered how on earth it could be America’s pastime. I’d had chances to see games and never minded the stadium atmosphere, but the game itself did nothing for me.

Last fall, that all changed.

In the midst of editing this book about one of the most historic teams in baseball, co-written by lifelong sportswriter George Castle, my own hometown baseball team #thebrewers, were in a pennant race.

Reading about the strategy and tactics, getting to know one of America’s most beloved franchises, and learning the mechanics of how baseball really worked gave me a deeper understanding that led to a genuine curiosity about and awe for baseball.

Being in the midst of a pennant race, and thanks to some good friends’ well-timed travel, I found myself with decent tickets to one of those packed-stadium games. My curiosity and awe turned to sincere enjoyment as I watched the game unfold.

The Book That Made The Difference

I may be the only person in the country who learned to love baseball through the memories of a ’69 Cub combined with attendance to games by the 2018 #BrewCrew, but that’s how it happened.

For me, The 1969 Cubs made a difference in how I’ll likely spend many nights out in the future. After all, baseball is one of the few sports out there that still has “cheap seats,” so it makes a great summer date night for my husband and I.

The 1969 Cubs is about baseball in a nostalgic or historic setting and my appreciation for the sport is what changed.

Your Difference-Making Book

What is your story about? What change or difference can you make in somebody else’s life through the tales you can tell? And what about those differences that could help others to heal, recover, grow, lead, or experience joy?

Stories are the most powerful tool we have as individuals to cause positive changes and make meaningful impacts in others’ lives. So, what’s holding you back from telling yours? For many people, they just don’t know where to start. If you need help, check out one of my writing classes (new semester starting soon!) or watch for my live events.

I’m grateful that Fergie didn’t let anything hold him back from writing The 1969 Cubs.

Why are you keeping your fans waiting?


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