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Don't Just Break - BreakTHROUGH!

What does it take to #BREAK a person?

This is something that’s been on my mind in the lead-up to my 51st #newrelease of a book or play and my eighth* with FEW International Publications, “The Breakthrough Effect.”

The stories of the latest FEW collection show breaking, but – and more importantly – reveal, not just HEALING from those breaks, but triumphant victories over them and growth as a result of them! Truly, it is a perfect follow-up to the devotional they released earlier this year, “A FEW Words Of Comfort For The Grieving,” which addressed healing from loss. Once a person is healed though, it’s time to learn and grow. Otherwise you stay there in that post-healed place with nowhere to go, so it’s easy to slip back into grief.

So, what leads a person to a break . . . to grief?

We have a tendency as humans to weigh “the worst” that can happen to a person, but what if your worst is not mine or mine seems trite to you, does that mean it’s not worthy of a break or of grieving? After many years of working to help others tell their stories with words that are true, while also compelling and relatable to readers, I have come to understand an unshakable truth about pain. Pain simply IS pain. Period. And pain in others deserves empathy regardless of its source and desires healing regardless of the ability to do so.

"The Breakthrough Effect" has a formula that will make breakthrough possible for every person, regardless of the reason for their break!

We are all born a certain way; i.e. our genetics that we have no control over. We are each raised a certain way – something we also have little to no control over. Then, life continues to happen. We have the aspects of our lives that we choose (wise or otherwise), and those that are the result of others’ choices (helpful or hurtful). I’ve seen these elements lead to people being completely BROKEN over a failure, loss of a job, or struggle in a new role. I’ve seen other people seemingly recovered after what I would consider the unimaginable – such as the death of a child or time in battle (on an actual battlefield).

Who am I to judge what breaks another person? Why do we do this? One person’s divorce may have been as devastating to an individual as another person’s attack. Imagine a personal addiction being as sensitive to one as a lifetime of abuse is to another. And in each of these cases, there are those who – through their genetics, raising, and choices, may have the ability to quickly and strongly move beyond such tragedies. The bottom line is that there are far too many factors in an individual’s break for me to ever assume the role of assigning a rating to it.

Pain is pain and broken is broken.

“The Breakthrough Effect” has stories of women who reached a break in their lives and I consider each one of the seventeen testimonies to be equally sensitive, equally compelling, and equally INSPIRING because – beyond the break and beyond the healing – there was victory. There was a breakTHROUGH that held lessons in it whether readers relate to our human weighing of the “worst” things or those things that society chooses to deem as something to just “get over.”

Imagine spending a lifetime as a smart, valued, and respected nurse, only to find yourself feeling useless in the role of “mother.” What happens when a relationship you were promised and the life you imagined alongside it are unceremoniously taken from you and you find yourself – a STRONG woman – desperate in an unrequited love? How would you react while watching loved ones carry their children while your own womb remains empty? And what if it’s the nest that is empty and your little birds never return?

Authors of "The Breakthrough Effect" Left to Right in Rows from Top: Row 1 - Amy Sikkema, Danelle Skinner, Kristina Ward; Row 2 - Luanne Nelson, Jackie Jaske, Lisa Murphy, Heather Taylor; Row 3 - Brenda Weber, Joni Jones, Reji Laberje, Kimberly Joy Krueger; Row 4 - Angie Riemer, Julissa Moreno, Maria Notch, Jennifer Buchholz, Victoria Dreckman, Traci Weldie

What each of these scenarios required, as much as any scenario of pain, was steps to get THROUGH their BREAKS. They did so through faith, truth, personal responsibility, proper tools, and solid support. These are pieces of The Breakthrough Formula ™ that Kimberly Joy Krueger, one of the seventeen “The Breakthrough Effect” authors shares between the true stories from the extraordinary authors of FEW’s latest collection.

The #holidays are a time of joy for many, but also of depression, anxiety, and grief. “The Breakthrough Effect” shows true struggles, but is also a resource for real growth. I’m grateful to have been a part of this latest collaboration and highly recommend it to the hurting souls in your life.

Give the gift of breakthrough this year!
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