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Freedom is Never Free

As a veteran in a family with many, the phrase "freedom is not free," is one that I've heard and spoken often. With the last of the fireworks exploding for Independence Day, these words were in news broadcasts and social media feeds, shared as more of a platitude than the truth that they are. Of course, the freedom of that phrase was our political freedoms.

In the now viral acceptance speech of the MTV Generation Award by Chris Pratt, the world was reminded of another freedom . . . one for our souls . . . also not free.

I got to thinking about the costs of these most precious freedoms and came to the realization that freedom is never free.

Freedom from addiction costs struggle.

Financial freedom takes discipline.

Even those early freedoms earned as a child or teenager come with responsibilities.

In the latest book I had the opportunity and honor to edit, Two-Time #1 Bestselling Author, Kimberly Joy Krueger, discovers freedom in eight areas of her life. As you can imagine, each of those freedoms comes with a price tag.With the book coming out next week, she has opted to hold an entirely FREE event for women, to explore being FREE and, optionally, women can purchase a copy of FREE.


I know I'll be there this coming Monday, July 16th. And, if you want to truly dig in on the power to be free, be sure to pick up the book on Amazon on Tuesday, July 17th (before that time, the link will take you to Amazon's adorable puppies). Click the back cover image below to view a short trailer for the book.

I hope you'll join me in a celebration of FREEDOM!

Yours in writing,



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