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I don't have to . . . and that's why it matters

I have been very blessed that, for the past several years, I have not had to seek out the authors and clients with whom I work. After decades in this industry, I've learned there is always work for a writer who wants it and is willing to dedicate him- or herself to a story or project, especially if that project is to shine a spotlight on someone else, rather than to work and write for his or her own glory. Usually that work comes to me.

The reason this fact matters is because it means the only projects I do are those which I have chosen. I choose them because:

  1. I believe in the person creating the story or written work

  2. I believe in the message he or she has to share

  3. I believe in the leaders and team members who are part of the project

  4. I believe in the organization with whom I'll be working

There have certainly been times when I didn't believe in all of those things on a book or written project and that's a blog for another time, but always, I believe in one or more of those things to a great enough degree that I want to be a part of making the work come to fruition.

In other words - whether it be the book, its author, the message, or the people bringing it - those works I bring before my readers, students, and followers are works behind which I proudly stand.

In the case of Women Who Spark, which releases in just two days, on Friday, September 20th, I'm lucky to say it checks ALL of the boxes!

  • Author Aleta Norris is sincere in her vision to empower and guide women toward their goals. She does so with a partnership of kindness and firmness working in tandem with one another. I believe in this author!

  • The message in Women Who Spark is that ALL women have the power to be passionate, confident, and happy in their lives. I believe in this message!

  • I have watched Aleta draw around her, not just an immediate friend circle, but over 1000 engaged women who desire to reignite a passion for life and who believe in Aleta's plan to make that happen. I believe in this leader and team! You can join the "Women Who Spark Tribe," too, and see just what I mean. Click the link above or the picture below, which shows one of many gatherings that occur all around the country!

  • Aleta isn't just looking to self-inflate. Rather, she has chosen to take the momentum of her book and community to make a difference through the new "Women Who Spark Foundation."

WOMEN WHO SPARK FOUNDATION MISSION: Help women who have an unexpected financial need….because every day, women somewhere are facing tough circumstances. Through the Foundation, we offer Spark Grants. These are one-time financial contributions of up to $500 for a woman who has an unexpected financial need that we may be able to help offset.  It may be a car payment, help with rent, a medical bill, a broken appliance or shoes and winter coats for the kids.

I believe in this organization!

Here's my bottom line:

I believe in this book!

I hope you'll join me in picking up your copy on Friday!

Yours most sincerely in writing,



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