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Less Words - More Power

"Word Crunching," is what I call it when working with the authors I am editing. Like a stomach crunch, it helps something become smaller and stronger at the same time. Today's audiences have shorter attention spans and taller expectations. How do you make YOUR words pack punch and keep the attention of your readers?

I have teachings galore on how to build your words. I invite you to jump in to enjoy a couple dozen of them, along with a month's worth of lessons, to create your own Book-in-a-Month!

Learning how to bulk your words in a quality fashion isn't the goal for many types of writing, though, including: BLOGS, COLLECTIONS, CONTESTS, and SUBMISSIONS.

Each of these writing types, some of the most commonly used today, has word count maximums or, at least, word count expectations. Admit it. You're ready for me to get to the point and what I've typed so far would barely qualify as an introduction twenty years ago! So, I'll get to it!

As writers, it's important that you stand apart from amateurs by referencing your writing lengths, not according to page count, but word count. When writing in a format that requires a shorter word count, you can't use the old "page count" tricks. Tight margins, single-spacing, and tiny font sizes will do nothing to satisfy a twitchy blog reader or, more importantly, an editor who may have your work on her computer screen (and not even read it if that "word count" in the lower left-hand corner is too high)!

I have a gift for those of you in need of a word crunch*! Enjoy this lesson absolutely free of charge from Bucket List To Bookshelf. Learn about:

  • Average Word Counts expected for various writing genres and formats

  • Four ways to NOT crunch your words (though you probably have used these methods)

  • Six ways TO crunch your words

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If it all sounds like too much for you, reach out to a professional for some assistance. I'd love to work with you! I have just one intensive left this year to work one-on-one with a client and am already booking my four remaining slots for 2019.

Best wishes on crunching those words . . .

Make less mean more!

Yours in writing,


P.S. This blog was 430 words long!

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