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Powerful, BUT ALSO *FUN*!

For years I have talked about the POWER of story, how we are biologically, spiritually, and historically made to relate, connect, grow, and transform through the simple act of sharing stories.

Stories creates cross-connections in our brains for greatest possible impact
Stories can develop trust resulting from newly discovered commonalities
Stories can inspire and motivate us to next steps revealed through storytellers on similar paths

Centuries - nay, millennia - before there was a publishing industry, the majority of knowledge, beliefs, and history were shared through storytelling.

In particularly the lonely and the aging, can experience deep social engagement and emotional well-being through their stories, as shared in Ben Merens' "People Are Dying To Be Heard."

The telling of one's story also has great personal benefits in building confidence, removing the weight of secrecy or untold truths (something that science has proven has a negative effect on one's physical health), and overcoming obstacles.

Story-telling has numerous professional benefits like those shared in my newsletter shared last week that included "The Top Ten Reasons Your Business Needs A Book."

And, as the professionals at Keller Williams - Milwaukee Southwest Market Center learned...

...it can also be a way to bond together, create together, and have fun together! They were a great group to work with and gave me some great stories, as well as some great laughs. (If you don't believe me, just check out their book trailer outtake reel!)I hope you all will help their book go to #1 so that they can help out individuals, families, and communities with 100% of the proceeds that are going to nonprofit organizations!

Their awesome group's book, "Knowing Worth" releases Saturday, March 30th, 2019 and you can actually join us live for the release party! (Click the title above for the buying link!)

Oh! And if you're curious what Kim, Janet, Dave, Julia, Delisa, Scott, Michelle, Jeremy, Jill, Brad, and Terri look like when they're being a bit more serious, enjoy this "official" book trailer for "Knowing Worth"!

Hope to see you, Saturday for a great night of sending "Knowing Worth" up to #1 for charity! In the meantime, remember the power of story to RELATE, CONNECT, TRANSFORM, GROW and...HAVE FUN!!!

Yours in writing,


P.S. Did I mention you can get the book TOMORROW? Don't forget to find us on Amazon!!!

Buy it here on Saturday, March 30th, 2019: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1090434758


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