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Top Ten Reasons YOUR Business NEEDS a Book!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

New FREE Series from Bucket List to Bookshelf: https://bucketlisttobookshelf.simplero.com/page/93436

Yesterday, I kicked off my new (and free) webinar series, "The Professional Bookshelf!" Yesterday's topic was all about how you can use books to boost your business.

Watch the video here:

Click to watch the video at: https://youtu.be/Yl9f1r3GhIY

We covered ten helpful tips in great detail all about how businesses are using books today and featured the works of a number of successful area entrepreneurs and professionals.

You can sign up for the full, free series--a once-a-month coffee with me for half an hour while we cover topics related to the business and administrative sides of the writing and publishing industries. Sign up at: https://bucketlisttobookshelf.simplero.com/page/93436

Topics covered in "The Professional Bookshelf" from Bucket List to Bookshelf:
  1. Using Books To Boost Business (July 18th) - Look at the ten ways you can grow your business using your book as a marketing tool!

  2. Beyond CreateSpace . . . Your Author Accounts (August 15th) - What sites and tools should you have in place and be familiar with as you begin your independent author career. Market, print, and sell your work effectively by setting up your (mostly free) accounts!

  3. Marketing Basics for Every Author . . . and Most Entrepreneurs! (September 19th) - Learn the three most important pieces of marketing for all authors - your one-sheeter, press release, and media release calendar. Discover how you create them, use them, and modify them for any business venture!

  4. The Importance of an Editor and other Professionals (October 17th) - Discover the team you should have in place when entering the writing and publishing industry. Just because you've decided to go it alone doesn't mean you have to do everything by yourself. 

  5. How NOT to be a Starving Artist (November 21st) - Having one book, even one book that becomes a bestseller, does not mean you can retire. However, you can use a book to grow as an artist and professional earning revenue and making an impact.

  6. Creating Your Annual Author's Plan (December 19th) - Develop a balanced approach for writing according to purpose, platform, and potential profit.

I hope you'll join me in the future. While our attendees of our inaugural webinar were quiet, you can ask questions and get answers throughout each Zoom presentation. Instructional walk-throughs with screen shares coming in the future, as well. In addition, for those signed up for the series, each person will receive a pdf of notes and resources based on the lesson.

Want to receive this month's PDF version of the notes? Feel free to email me at: reji.laberje@gmail.com. Also, don't forget to subscribe to and follow the blog so that you can receive my Amazon Bestseller tips and all of the Bucket List to Bookshelf updates!

As shared in my recent blog, "There Are Books . . . And Then There's The Book Industry," the business of writing is a whole different world than the creation of writing. This is the place where you can learn how to make the business work for your creations!

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